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Visualize your identity

A primer for entrepreneurs.

A logo is so much more than a name and/or an icon. It’s the central component of a larger idea, your “visual identity.”

Wikidpedia has an interesting section on the cultural aspects of a visual identity.

Organizations with more than one person who communicates with the outside (and isn’t that any organization with more than one staffer?) need to ensure consistency in what they send out. … MORE

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Icon designers are dealers in cliché

For writers, a cliché is something to be avoided. It’s a phrase that’s so overused that it’s lost it meaning.

But in visual terms, an image that has been seen a zillion times may well grow in meaning. Why do we think of athletes when we see the Nike swoosh? Because their marketing has created, then reinforced, the association of the symbol with the meaning.… MORE

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