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At the crossroads of information and visuals

Let’s untangle three trends: data visualization, visual thinking, and infographics.

  • Data Visualization. Scientists and data analysts use visualization tools to view information lots of ways. Today, regular folks are getting their hands on these tools, too. This is the “big data” meme.
  • Visual thinking, sometimes called “mind mapping.”Visuals can also help in the thinking process, like a user experience team using a journey map.
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How does an infographics designer work?

An infographics designer creates a visual presentation of information so people can use it effectively — the right visuals communicate more clearly than text alone. The designer usually:

  • collaborates with content experts or does research to get the information,
  • analyzes the information to reduce unnecessary detail and define key points,
  • visualizes how to present the information graphically,
  • writes or edits the annotations, and
  • renders the image, using design principles to encourage cognitive and emotional engagement.
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