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Explanagraphics’ First Real-World Product!

April Fools!PORTLAND, Oregon April 1 — Thanks to the wonders of 3D printing and our new emotion-sensing software, you can now wear “The Feelings Explainer” on your face.
Pop on these expressive spectacles and show the world what you really feel.
Designer Nancy Wirsig McClure said, “I always wanted that single raised eyebrow, and so did all my friends.… MORE

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Please help me name this business!

Please use the Comments section below to do virtual brainstorming. Explanagraphics is the temporary name of my repurposed business. I don’t like it much, but it will become the permanent name, unless I can friend-source some creativity.

NOTE: don’t overlook the two pages of comments (if you’d like to see others’ thoughts)!… MORE

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