Explanagraphics’ First Real World Product (April 1)

April Fools!PORTLAND, Oregon April 1 — Thanks to the wonders of 3D printing and our new emotion-sensing software, you can now wear “The Feelings Explainer” on your face.
Pop on these expressive spectacles and show the world what you really feel.
Designer Nancy Wirsig McClure said, “My friends and I always wanted that single raised eyebrow.… MORE

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Please Take a Moment to Consider Recipients

I think about communication all the time. I have a couple of suggestions for communicating with your peers and clients with less friction. Specifically, when you choose:

  • email subject lines
  • names of files you share

Email Subject Lines

We all get emails with unhelpful subject lines. It’s pretty inefficient to have to open them and scan their contents to discover the intent of the sender.… MORE

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Don’t Forget the Little Data

We’ve seen the topic of Big Data become sizzling hot. But there’s still a place for little data.

Always Check your Arithmetic or “Every Cell Counts”

Spell checkers have taught us that overreliance on automation can make fools of us. It applies to number crunching too…

These guys started with big data — statistics about every national economy.… MORE

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“What the F**k Are Infographics?” (notes on a presentation)

ICON8 Conference logo
“Infographics suck!” proclaimed Jennifer Daniel and Alicia DeSantis, graphics editors for the New York Times. They spoke yesterday at the ICON8 Conference, a national gathering of illustrators. I hung on their every word.

It’s a pretty sassy claim, but they pointed out that “infographics” have become a style and a marketing ploy to get people to click.… MORE

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Infographics Everywhere! Cake or Pie?

Here’s a clever idea! These are standard cakes on the inside, but the frosting is informative. The appearance indicates the ingredients of the cake in “pie chart” percentages. Idea by Marti Guixe, a designer in Barcelona.

cakes with piechart frosting

Now, if you’re disappointed that the cake is ordinary inside, you can bake your own with custom segments of batter, using this pan from Danklhampl design.… MORE

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