New work: map enhances icons (or is it vice versa?)

I created this map for a client who wanted a friendly sort of drawn map — the antithesis of Google Maps. She also wanted an icon to go with an accomplishment for each neighborhood. It was my choice to make the icons big and bold.

New work: map + iconsThe map is being used in a print piece for a candidate.… MORE

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Don’t let your infographics mislead!

When you look at this TIME infographic, do you think that 3/4 million Iran/Afghanistan vets have PTSD? (30% of 2.5 million)

Or did you notice that the caption under the 30% says, “of veterans treated by the VA”?

From TIME magazine March 25 2013, Commentary by Joe Klein, “Ten Years After: A National Disgrace”

TIME infographic that could mislead

In fact, with the information provided, you can’t come up with a number of vets, because we aren’t told how many vets have been treated by the VA.MORE

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Making an e-book of a richly visual, design-oriented book

Here’s my advice for Stephen Few, who is being urged to create e-books of his great books on information design. [ The urgings appear in comments on his blog post on publishing ]

For e-book creation, an author of design-oriented content has to consider several major issues. (Several of these you’ve already mentioned, but I got into essay mode.)


What should the digital experience be for the reader?

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Trends in gadget and appliance UI (BBC video)

Check out this BBC video on usability trends in designs of products. Five minute of voiceover, plus sound bites from manufacturers.


I was especially interested in:

“Nikon has added live animation to [the UI of] some of its newer cameras.” (timepoint 1:30)


The Beeb’s text under the video uses extreme phrases to catch attention, such as “why the user manual could be a thing of the past,” but here are some of the real take-aways:

Hardware manufacturers are looking to software for models:

  • Apple for simplicity of UI
  • apps like DropBox that do only one thing but focus on doing it really well.
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Please help me name this business!

Please use the Comments section below to do virtual brainstorming. Explanagraphics is the temporary name of my repurposed business. I don’t like it much, but it will become the permanent name, unless I can friend-source some creativity.

NOTE: don’t overlook the two pages of comments (if you’d like to see others’ thoughts)!… MORE

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Those long infographics: the good, the bad, and the pretty

Everyone has seen the very trendy “infographics”* in blog posts, where a variety of facts and data are presented in a visual format. They are often very long vertically, requiring the viewer to scroll in order to see it all.

Some questions to ask about this sort of graphic, if you are considering creating one:

Is its information density suitable to the audience?… MORE

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