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Don’t Forget the Little Data

We’ve seen the topic of Big Data become sizzling hot. But there’s still a place for little data.

Little Data #1: The Very Short Animated Infographic

Here’s the inimitable Hans Rosling showing all of us how much explanation you can pack into 6 seconds (even without audio).

NOTE: This comes from Twitter’s service Vine, where iPhone users can post captured video.

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Trends in gadget and appliance UI (BBC video)

Check out this BBC video on usability trends in designs of products. Five minute of voiceover, plus sound bites from manufacturers.


I was especially interested in:

“Nikon has added live animation to [the UI of] some of its newer cameras.” (timepoint 1:30)


The Beeb’s text under the video uses extreme phrases to catch attention, such as “why the user manual could be a thing of the past,” but here are some of the real take-aways:

Hardware manufacturers are looking to software for models:

  • Apple for simplicity of UI
  • apps like DropBox that do only one thing but focus on doing it really well.
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Animation: beyond entertainment

Animation is often just “eye candy.” Sometimes it’s an effort to increase retention through engagement. But motion graphics — beyond the screencast — can actually improve comprehension of complex information when added to diagrams, charts and graphs, narratives, and technical illustrations.

This is the thesis of my “explanimation” services and my presentations to professional communicators.… MORE

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