Animation (Explanimation)

Are your concepts tough to get across? Especially the benefits of technology?

Tell your story with an animated video online! On the web, anyone can watch your explanatory animation.

Let Nancy Wirsig McClure analyze your story and develop an animation. Nancy calls it an  “explanimation” because it’s engaging and makes the viewer say, “Aha! Now I get it!”

Explanimation = Explanatory Animation

In explanimations, information becomes experience. Engagement & comprehension increase. Contact Nancy about animating your content to make it communicate better.

For a variety of clients, Nancy has created Flash, GIF, PowerPoint and video — to serve as explanatory illustrations, attention getters, banner ads, and portions of a theatrical show. Some examples appear below.

NOTE: There is no sound in the animations below.

Animation of OO software Animated intro to a web page
Animated intro to a web page
Banner ad
'Booth' for a virtual trade show

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